Olivia Lane Chronicles Learning to Love Herself With New EP, 'The One' (Exclusive)

Olivia Lane is back, and better than ever. The rising star just released her EP, The One, [...]

Olivia Lane is back, and better than ever. The rising star just released her EP, The One, detailing her sometimes difficult journey over the last few years, which culminated with Lane finding a deeper love for herself, and for making music.

"I think The One is kind of a summary of what I've been through this last year and a half, two years," Lane conceded to PopCulture.com. "I was really heavily on the road. And when you're on the road for a while you kind of stop taking care of yourself because you're a rock star, right? I was like, 'I've had enough. I need to go into the studio and sort of figure out what that next Olivia Lane chapter is.'

"I haven't come out with an EP since 2016," she continued. "So a lot has happened. I've grown up; I kind of had to dive into this self-love journey. All of these songs on the new EP are sort of what my self-love journey was and what I found out about myself."

Lane vividly recalls the moment she realized her life was spinning out of control, at a large industry event in Nashville, called CRS (Country Radio Seminar).

"I remember getting off stage and I was like, 'I'm done. I can't. My body is shutting down,'" Lane recalled. "I actually started losing my voice. That's the one thing I have to be good at, since I'm a singer. So I kind of just put a pause on everything. I started analyzing what I needed to do. I needed to go back to vocal lessons. I need to treat my body with love and care. I could just be out on the road. When you're out on the road, you're meeting lots of people. You're giving your energy away.

"I had to learn how to fill my cup back up," she continued. "That is hard work. Everybody says, be yourself do the things that make you happy. That takes a lot of work to figure that out. So I needed to dive into sort of figuring out what makes me happy, what do I love."

Lane did the hard work, and is amazed at the new peace she feels, regardless of what happens with her new music.

"I've grown up," insisted the singer. "I've learned how to love myself. I found somebody to love the self that I love which is amazing. It's just daily thing. It's a confidence thing I think. Once you go through something so dire, where you feel like you're just split wide open and you have to put the pieces back together. It gives you just a new outlook on life and a new confidence, I think."

Lane is now ready to return full-speed ahead to growing her music career, which she seems poised to do with her latest single, "So Good It Hurts." The song was inspired not only by learning to appreciate herself, but also learning to accept love from someone else.

"The inspiration behind 'So Good It Hurts' is literally glorifying my boyfriend," Lane boasted. "I love him so much. Again, I found somebody to love the person that I love when I look in the mirror. I think that's the most important thing. I honestly just sort of wanted to write an ode to him, but not only just him as a person. He really cares about the way he looks. He'll look in the mirror and he's like 'Oh my hair's not right,' or this or that. And sometimes it's kind of annoying when I'm like 'Hey, we gotta go.' But I love going out with him when he feels his most confident ... I wanted to write a song about a good man."

Olivia Lane will appear on an upcoming episode of Songland, and will continue touring to support the new music. One thing is certain: Lane is ready to work.

"It's a fight every day," said Lane. "I think it's a fight everyday for Maren Morris and for people at the top of their game to challenge themselves. And when you are at the top how do you push yourself more as an artist? For me personally, rising to the top. it's kind of a weird thing for me to grasp because it seems like it's a competition and it's not, to be honest. There's room for everybody but there's different struggles that we all go through and there'll be different songs from different artists."

Purchase The One on Lane's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / David Livingston