Old Crow Medicine Show's Founding Member Critter Fuqua Leaves Band

One of the founding members of Old Crow Medicine Show is bidding farewell to the band. Chris "Critter" Fuqua, who started the band in 1998 with Ketch Secor in 1998, has made the painful decision to leave the band, 21 years after he started the iconic group.

"Leaving Old Crow is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make," Fuqua told Rolling Stone. "These men that I've played with for 21 years are not only bandmates but dear, dear friends, brothers in arms. Old Crow is more than a band, it's a spiritual being with many entities that have flowed through it since its inception in 1998. It's my path that I flow out again, but all the folks that have played with Old Crow, worked with Old Crow, managed Old Crow, booked Old Crow, and loved Old Crow will always be family. Family is eternal."

Fuqua is leaving with the full support of Secor, who applauded his friend and fellow bandmate's decision.

"I first started making music with Critter in the 7th grade," Secor said. "We bonded over roots music, taught ourselves to play traditional instruments, and began writing songs. Together, we have lived our musical dreams, traveling the world with fiddles and banjos as co-founders of Old Crow.

"Over the past 20 years OCMS has seen numerous lineup changes, all part of the rotating cast of talents we've been honored to share the stage with," he continued. "Critter's voice will always be a part of Old Crow Medicine Show and we wish him love and luck on this next leg of his journey."

Fuqua isn't the only member to recently leave the band. Chance McCoy announced his exit earlier this year, with singer Charlie Worsham and drummer Jerry Pentecost becoming part of the touring band.

This is Fuqua's second time to leave Old Crow Medicine Show. He previously exited the group in 2007, returning in 2012, right before Old Crow Medicine Show released the No. 1 Carry Me Back record.

The group, which was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2013, are perhaps best known for their hit "Wagon Wheel," which Secor wrote based on an unfinished Bob Dylan recording. The song was recorded by numerous artists, including Darius Rucker, who recorded the song with Lady Antebellum and included it on his True Believers record.


Fuqua's departure isn't slowing down Old Crow Medicine Show. They have plenty of dates scheduled in the upcoming year. Find more information on their website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Leah Puttkammer