'Nashville' Actress Clare Bowen, Husband Brandon Robert Young Discuss Sugarland Tour

Clare Bowen and her husband, Brandon Robert Young, are currently serving as the opening acts, along with Brandy Clark, on Sugarland's Bigger Tour. The newylweds, who got married in October, still can't believe their good fortune.

"I watch their show every night, and every night I learn something new," Bowen tells PopCulture.com. "They're amazing. And Brandy Clark as well. She's wonderful. It's just us out there, and we're having so much fun. We got to release singles both on the same day. Brandon's is out. It's called 'Hate It For You,' and mine's out, called 'All the Bed's I've Made.' [It's the] second single from the album which will be out late this summer."

Bowen might be better known than Young, thanks to her role on the hit TV show, Nashville, but the invitation to hit the road with Sugarland came initially to Young.

"I've been friends with the Sugarland camp for quite some time," shares Young. "Jen [Jennifer Nettles] and Kristian [Bush] have always been incredible kind to me. I got a call from management that said, 'Hey, we think this might be coming down the pipeline, what do you think?' I said, 'Absolutely, there's nobody better to work with.'"

Thankfully, everyone was able to make it work, giving Bowen and Young the chance of a lifetime.

"They were able to put it together," adds Young. "But Jennifer and Kristian are just unbelievably gracious people, and incredible artists, and have done nothing but roll the red carpet out, for both of us out there. I love them to death."

Bowen and Young are together all day, every day, which is just the way they like it.

"It's beautiful," Bowen boasts. "We get to do everything together. People always ask us what it's like working together. We literally do everything together. We have a really special relationship. We waited a long time to find one another. And before we found one another, we'd both decided that we were happier alone than being with the wrong people. And then he walked into my life and changed everything."

"We had a really long courtship," she adds of their romance. "We're both quite shy, and it took us a really long time to hold hands."

Nashville will wrap up this summer, with the final episode airing on July 26 – an ending that is bittersweet for the Australian actress.

"You do anything for six years, and it's gonna feel weird when it ends," she says. "But to step off a country music television show, playing a country music artist, and then do a massive tour in the UK; we just did a sold-out solo tour in Germany, and people knew all the words to 'Little by Little,' and I just about died, to being invited on the Sugarland stage, with people like Brandy Clark and Jen and Kristian, I feel like I've had the blow softened a little bit, because I've been invited into this wonderful place, and we get to do it together.


"It's been wonderful being a part of something that makes people so happy," Bowen continues, "and I hope to continue to do that through all of the music we make together, and everything we get to do in life."

Photo Credit: Instagram/claremebee