Morgan Evans Reveals Freshman Album is Completed

Morgan Evans' current single, "Kiss Somebody," is from his upcoming freshman album, which he says is – finally – completed.

"We just finished it, like maybe a week and a half ago," Evans reveals to "Signed off on the final master. I'm stoked. It was almost sad finishing it though. It's been such an enjoyable journey making it, but now we get to put out more music, so that's exciting as well."

Asked to describe his new set of tunes, the 34-year-old says it encompasses everything he has experienced since moving to the United States from his native Australia, including his homesickness, and meeting and falling in love with his wife, fellow singer Kelsea Ballerini.

"It's definitely me, probably my life over the last couple years," Evans says. "I've been performing live with a loop pedal set up over the last couple years, and writing everything on an acoustic guitar. So it's a really acoustic guitar driven album. But at the same time, we didn't really hold back on any of the production. There's a few love songs on there, a few songs about moving to the other side of the world. One sad one in particular. There's hopefully a little bit of everything."

Evans is completely taken with the country music scene in the United States, which is what fueled his decision to move halfway around the world.

"It's a lot bigger here. It's a bigger country," Evans shares. "There's only 26 million people in Australia, so everything is smaller. Australian country music is it's own style as well, which is kind of like your Americana, a little bit. But the same stuff that's big here is big there, so there's a lot of crossover. The Aussies love it when the American acts go down there."

Still, although Evans loves how much his music has been embraced by his current country, he still sometimes longs for his life Down Under.

"I miss my family, and all my friends," Evans acknowledges. "You can't make old friends, so [I miss] the buddies I went to school with, or university with. I miss the beach too. I grew up in the town of Newcastle, which is a couple hours north of Sydney, on the east coast. It's a coal-mining, really blue collar town. But it's on this beach. And I used to go there every day, and I don't do that anymore, so I miss that too."

Evans hasn't had too much time to sit around and pine for home, though. He spent the first part of the year on the road with Chris Young, on Young's Losing Sleep World Tour, and will head out with him on the road later this year.

"I learned that people love Chris Young," says Evans of his time with Young. "It was insane. It was my first real experience out on a big American tour. We did 22 dates. It's not over yet either. I'm doing the back-end of the year with him as well. American country music fans have been so passionate. America kind of feels like a lot of different countries at once, when you go to different sides, but the country music fans are so passionate all the way across. It was just a joy."

Evans wed Ballerini last December, admitting that it was pretty much love at first sight, for both of them.

(Photo: Instagram/morganevansmusic)

"We hit it off pretty quickly," Evans says. "She's awesome. Who doesn't love Kelsea though? I'm so lucky to be married to her."

The couple both have successful music careers, with Ballerini writing every song on her 2017 Unapologetically record, but Evans, surprisingly, says the couple have yet to share co-writing credits on a song.


"We haven't written together," says Evans. "We play music together a lot at home. She'll pick up a guitar and start playing, and I'll play along, or the other way around. But the writing worlds haven't collided. Maybe one day we will and the time will be right. Creativity is something you can't force, so we'll see."

Evans doesn't have a title or release date for his upcoming album. Download "Kiss Somebody" on iTunes.