Miranda Lambert Shares Story Behind 'Tequila Does,' Calling It a 'Fun Texas Honky Tonk Song'

Miranda Lambert is opening up about the story behind "Tequila Does." Lambert, who wrote the song with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, just dropped the lyric video for the traditional country sounding tune, which is from her upcoming Wildcard album. The 35-year-old shared the story behind the song on social media.

"Usually every couple of years, when it's time to write, we'll disappear and go to a pasture somewhere, and stay for three days and have a fire and just write songs. A lot of them end up being about Texas, because you've got three Texans out there. We wrote 'Tin Man' together, so we shared that really special moment together. So after that, writing something like 'Tequila Does,' was kind of like, 'Let's write a fun Texas honky tonk song.'"

Lambert loves "Tequila Does" because it reminds her of the music of her childhood, growing up in Lindale, Texas.

"It just is country. And country music makes me happy," Lambert explained. "No matter how rock or edgy or scorned you can get, when you come back to a country song, with a steel guitar, it makes my soul feel like its on fire. It's my roots. It's what I loved the most about the music that I grew up on, and that's why I like making that kind of music."

Lambert previously opened up about the different genres of music, which can all be heard on Wildcard.

"This record has a lot of little rock 'n' roll influences in it," Lambert said to Billboard. "I think spending a lot of time in New York City kind of brought that into my art. I've also been on a huge rock 'n' roll kick lately. I've been on a Fleetwood Mac, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin kick, so I think some of that's reflected as well."

Lambert especially loves the feel of "Tequila Does," and the way it moves back and forth between styles.


"It starts as a waltz, and it goes to a two-step, and then it goes back to a waltz and back to a two-step," said the singer. "I just really want to play it at a dive bar or Texas honky tonk. I wanna go play it at Gruene Hall, and I wanna watch the cowboys dance, and I wanna watch what they do, and if they can keep up with me."

Photo Credit: Debby / Shutterstock.com