Miranda Lambert Resumes Tour in Spite of Illness: 'I'm Not 100% Yet'

Last weekend Miranda Lambert was forced to cancel two shows on her Wildcard Tour due to illness. The singer is set to continue her tour this weekend, even though she admits she's still not completely well.

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"Kansas City, We're here!!!" Lambert posted on social media. "I've spent the last 5 days doing some self care and taking it easy. I'm not 100% yet but I'm getting there so I plan on giving y'all everything I've got tonight. Can't wait to see y'all. Love M."

Lambert first canceled her show scheduled for last week in Salt Lake City, Utah, but hoped to play the next night in Denver, Colorado, before she realized she was still too sick to perform.

"Dear Denver, I spent the last 24 hours on the bus trying to get as well as I could. No talking. All the tea in the world. Sleep. Meds. I'm feeling a lot better but unfortunately my voice is just not back yet and there is nothing else I can do but wait," Lambert posted. "It's the worst feeling in the world to not be able to show up and put on a show for y'all. Especially since our bands and crews traveled so many miles to get here and make it happen."

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"I can't apologize enough for the inconvenience," she continued. "I love playing Denver and promise to bring the best show we can when we come back. Thank you all for understanding. Love M."

Lambert's Wildcard Tour is in support of her latest Wildcard album. The Texas native is doing everything she can to make sure the tour is one of her best, even adding new band members to join her on the road.

"I've got a huge band now because we've grown organically over time," Lambert told Grammy.com. "I've got some guys who've been with me for 15 to 18 years and I've got some guys we just added just because some of them are getting old and can't play the whole show. [Laughs.] I have a keyboard player who sings great background vocals and my friend Gwen Sebastian who's an amazing singer.

"We're not like fancy on the road," she continued. "We have a great production right now and a beautiful set, but we just go up there and play the songs. There are not a lot of tricks and craziness and pyro and all that. We rely on how good the band is, and that's what makes me comfortable."


Lambert is joined on her tour by both Cody Johnson and LANCO. Find dates by visiting her website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Leah Puttkammer