Miranda Lambert Recalls Meeting Husband Brendan McLoughlin for the First Time

When Miranda Lambert met her now-husband Brendan McLoughlin for the first time, she wasn't sure she was ready for love again, but her friends, and fellow Pistol Annies members Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley disagreed. The two, along with someone from Lambert's security team, saw McLoughlin and decided he would be perfect for the singer, and secretly arranged a meeting before Lambert knew what was happening.

"We did GMA, it was my first time to do morning TV in like five years, because it's morning television," Lambert recalled on The View. "I'm a singer. I'm like, 'It's harsh.' But I did, and the girls spotted him and invited him to our show. He's beautiful. He's a cutie. The girls kind of invited him, the girls and my security guy Tom, invited him behind my back to my show. I don't really have game, so I was really nervous. It worked out."

The meeting obviously worked well, with Lambert and McLoughlin tying the knot only a few months later. Their marriage has taken Lambert to New York City more, since McLoughlin is a police officer in NYC, which has been a surprising respite for the 36-year-old.

"It's been awesome," Lambert gushed. "I've been [in New York City] several times over the past decade for work, but I never just came to New York to disappear in the city and have fun and be a part of it... I've learned to embrace it. I think it creeped into my art a little bit too, which is what I was hoping."

Lambert's love affair with McLoughlin came out in her latest Wildcard album, which was just released.

"It's not too happy," Lambert insisted, even though she wrote it while falling in love with McLoughlin. "I felt like I worry about that with artists I love too, when they get happy, I'm like, 'Oh no. Are they still going to write sad songs?' because I love sad songs. But I feel like The Weight of These Wings was my last record, and it was kind of my healing process.

"So this one was just me being back, and ready to have fun," she continued. "There's still got some dark moments on this one, but it's a lot more hopeful and joyful and more playful than any record I've done probably since Kerosene."


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Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin