Miranda Lambert Opens Up, Admits 'I Break Hearts'

Miranda Lambert isn't perfect, and she'll be the first one to tell you that. In a rare interview with HITS Daily Double, the singer opened up about her life and her music, providing a bit of clarification when it comes to her love life.

Lambert has found herself in the tabloids often in recent months, due to the end of her relationship with boyfriend Anderson East and her reported new relationship with musician Evan Felker, who filed for divorce from wife Staci Nelson earlier this year.

While the singer has become notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life and has rarely spoken about her personal life over the past few years, she did share that if fans want to hear the full story about anything going on, her music is the place to go.

"I try, but it's not up to me," Lambert admitted of keeping her private life private. "With social media, it's a whole other thing. And it's such bull-sh—. I'm thankful for the drama of it all, because it gets sillier and sillier. They make up so many lies, no one can know the truth. The truth is it's in my music if you listen close enough."

"I am who I am. I am honest about being flawed," she added. "That's all I can be, you know? I cuss. I drink. I get divorced and get my heart broken. I break hearts. I can't do or be that anymore, or it'll drive me crazy. [laughs] I won't be any good anymore."

The interview centered on Lambert's critically acclaimed 2016 double album, The Weight of These Wings, which she wrote while going through her very public divorce from Blake Shelton in 2015.

"2015 pushed me into a writing mode I've never been in before. It's very humbling to be hurt, and I have to be honest. My fans expect that from me," Lambert shared.

"My intention was to use it as therapy, to figure this s— out," the singer added of the record. "I was going through a divorce very publicly, and thank the Lord I am a writer. That meant I could find some way to deal with it, that people could say, 'I get it—I've been there too.' And 'It's why I relate to you, because I went through the same thing.' It made me feel so alone, as much as it does anybody else."

The 34-year-old noted that while her truth is in her music, she also wanted to let fans in on her life through social media from time to time.

"I don't want all my posts to be about promoting something," she explained. "I do want to let people in on my regular life too; I'm just not very good at it. It makes me nervous, 'cause I'm private. I want to have some mystery, and I want people I'm fans of to have mystery too."


Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Merritt/ACMA2018