Miranda Lambert to Feature on Upcoming Scripted Podcast, 'Make It Up as We Go'

Miranda Lambert is one of several big names set to feature on the upcoming scripted podcast Make It Up as We Go, which was created by Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstadt and actor/songwriter Scarlett Burke and focuses on the female singer/songwriter experience in country music. In addition to a feature cast member, Lambert will also serve as an executive producer on the project.

"I'm excited to be a part of this project because it is an authentic story that shows the challenges female singer/songwriters face within the industry," she said in a statement. Make It Up as We Go tells the story of an aspiring young songwriter, played by Burke, and her journey to find success in country music. She meets several characters along the way including Bobby Bones, who plays himself, as the podcast "unravels Burke's own personal journey navigating the writer rooms of Nashville, which is where the songs are born, and in turn - finding her own voice along the way."

"I built a career telling stories, specifically through music," Lambert told PEOPLE. "I was drawn to a new form of storytelling with podcasts, which I have never done before. The main character, played by Scarlett Burke, and her challenges as an aspiring singer/songwriter are ones that I can relate to firsthand, which really captivated my attention."

Other cast members include Dennis Quaid, Billy Bob Thornton, Lindsay Ell and Craig Robinson, and original music is provided by Lambert, Ell, Burke and hit songwriter Nicolle Galyon. The podcast will be released on Oct. 1 via iHeartPodcast Network.

"I came to Nashville 18 years ago and really started cutting my teeth as a songwriter and performer," shared Lambert, who plays herself on the podcast. "So I can relate to the trajectory of a singer/songwriter's career that comes with many highs and lows. This story captures those moments in a compelling narrative."


"As a songwriter, we tell stories through our music and hope those songs find the right home and our stories reach a listener," Burke said in a statement. "Creating this platform of being able to do both without the live component brings me to hope for more creative control for songwriters and artists and that no matter your story or your style, there is an audience out there waiting for you. I wanted to capture the story of a woman in music as authentic as we could and all the challenges along the way to a win. I hope this series brings listeners to a place of experiencing the songwriting process as if they were in the room as we take them along the journey of how a song travels from writer to artist and finds its home."