Miranda Lambert Says Spending So Much 'Alone Time' With Husband Brendan McLoughlin Has 'Made Us Really Strong'

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin married in January 2019, around one year before the world shut down when the coronavirus pandemic began. In the months since, they've spent lots of time at their Tennessee farm and taken a few road trips, including a recent vacation to Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. During an appearance on SiriusXM's The Storme Warren Show, Lambert opened up about the past year with her husband, sharing that she thinks "it was really good."

"We didn't date very long before we got married," reflected Lambert, who met her husband in November 2019. "And so we sort of got to just really, really, really get to know each other. Because it was just us two with no distraction at my farm outside of Nashville. And so I was really thankful for it because it made us really strong." She added that she believes the same is true "for a lot of couples." "Especially, a lot of my friends don't see their significant other because we're in different directions all the time," she said. "But with everything that happened last year, I think everybody was forced to sort of reconnect with themselves and the people that they really love and are close to them... I kept saying, there's gonna be a lot of engagements and babies or a lot of divorce."

Lambert and McLoughlin purchased an Airstream trailer in early 2020, and the singer told Warren that traveling together has been great for the pair. "Backing up is sort of a trigger," she joked. "That will be the one time you really get to fighting, one person trying to tell the other person how to back up in a trailer. But we do a lot of podcasts, too. So we don't have to sit there and twiddle our thumbs and talk for a six hour drive. We get into Dateline or murder mysteries or something, so that helps."

In February, the couple wrapped up their latest trip with a stop in Greensboro, Georgia for a few days at Lake Oconee. "I actually picked that spot for an overnight because it mapped perfectly for our trip but when we got there I didn’t want to leave," Lambert captioned a photo slideshow. "We stayed an extra day because it was so beautiful. (And we ran out of clothes & needed to do laundry) I had to work too, so why not have a view while you zoom? I have a feeling we will be back there in the summertime to enjoy the lake and the friendly people."