Mike Fisher Asks Fans for Help Recovering Stolen Truck

Mike Fisher took to Instagram on Thursday with an unfortunate message, revealing this his vintage truck had been stolen in Canada. "My truck was stolen last night in Edmonton Alberta," the former NHL player captioned a photo of the brown Ford. "If you see this truck anywhere please DM me or contact Edmonton police! It's a 1975 ford f250 crew cab! Thanks #stolentruck #edmonton #f250 #alberta."

Fisher elaborated on the situation in the comments after the Edmonton Blues Society asked him whether the car had a certain license plate number. "Didn't have one on it. Was in a lot waiting to ship," Fisher replied before adding, "if it’s a brown crew cab that’s the truck." Fisher hails from Ontario, Canada, and played for Ottawa Senators for over 10 seasons before being traded to the Nashville Predators, where he ultimately retired in 2018.

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Fisher recently opened up to fans in a different way with his and wife Carrie Underwood's I Am Second series, Mike and Carrie: God & Country. The four-part series, which has aired three episodes so far, features the famous couple discussing their relationship, family and faith, and the most recent episode featured Fisher and Underwood explaining how they impart their faith on their two sons, 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob. "Being a dad is... it's hard to explain," Fisher said. "Everyone kind of gives you advice on what to expect and until you're a dad, it's hard to explain but it's the greatest thing ever. It's a lot of learning about yourself and for me, trying to be that dad that my dad was to me and be the husband that my dad was to my mom to Carrie."

One of their family traditions is prayer, and Fisher shared that that played a big part in one of his "favorite moments as a dad," which happened after Isaiah got a small injury. Fisher put his hand on his son and prayed for him, and the next morning, Isaiah woke up feeling better. A few weeks later, Fisher cut his finger while helping out with a bus on Underwood's tour. "Isaiah was there, he watched it all happen," the former NHL star recalled. "He comes over, he's like, 'Daddy, we need to pray.' His prayer was almost identical to my prayer. It was the coolest thing ever. For him to initiate it, to do it, it was the coolest moment ever."