Midland Credit Rock Music Icon With Inspiring Their Live Shows

Midland is country, and proud of its country roots. But the trio, made up of Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy, reveal that it's one famous rock music icon – Bruce Springsteen – who has influenced their live shows more than any country act.

"What he does night in and night out is he pours his soul out, and there is no inauthentic part of that man," Wystrach explained. "He gives it all. And that's the goal, is to do that and then do it at a very high caliber of music and to provide entertainment and the humor and to distract people. This world is full of a lot of bad stuff and stressful stuff. Even when life is good life can be very stressful. Right? With your mortgages, your kids, girlfriends, boyfriends, break-ups, you name it. Paying your taxes! And that's the idea, is that when you come to a show, you should be completely immersed in it.

"It is our duty to distract people away from all of the things that are maybe tough in their life and to inspire them maybe," he continued. "And just maybe take them another place, even if it's for an hour or for three hours, and to let them walk away feeling like, 'Wow, those guys, we got our money's worth.' And that's the ultimate goal every time. There's nobody better than Bruce Springsteen in doing that."

Midland will have plenty of chances to bring their energy to stage in 2019, thanks to a full concert schedule, which includes a few bucket-list venues.

"We've got amazing shows in 2019, like headlining the Ryman, which for us is probably one of the most spectacular things that has happened in our career so far," Carson told PopCulture.com. "To get asked to come and perform at the Mother Church is an incredible honor, but to come in and do your own show there, that's really special. A lot of fun coming up in 2019."

"We're going to be going to Australia with our good buddy Tim McGraw," he added. "None of us have really been to Australia so when your career takes you on a path of new discovery and experiences it's pretty great."

Midland is also going to be working on new music this year, the follow-up to their freshman On the Rocks record. Find a list of all of their upcoming shows by visiting their website.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Roger Kisby