Maren Morris Delivers Epic Clapback to Twitter Troll

Maren Morris has never shied away from dealing with rude fans on social media, and the country singer served an epic clapback on Thursday after a Twitter user made a rude and inappropriate comment about Morris' body.

The singer had previously posted a vacation shot of herself in a bikini, to which the user remarked, "Please tell me you didn't get a boob job? Fake boobs are disgusting."

In keeping with her empowered attitude, Morris responded, "Not that it would be any of your business, but I didn't. But guess what? You just won a meet & greet of your choice so you can come and say that to my face!"

Her fans were quick to applaud her epic response, with some wondering how they, too, could win a meet and greet.

"How do I win a meet and greet I support ur boobs fake or real!" one fan joked.


Morris has previously spoken out against social media shaming, writing in September, "Honestly, I'm over the slut-shaming that goes on here. I'm a self-sufficient woman who loves her body. Get over it, thanks."

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