Maren Morris Shares Halloween Costume Mocking Brittany Aldean Drama

Maren Morris has prepared her Halloween costume with a side of shade.  The 32-year-old country singer posted an Instagram photo of a fake Halloween costume on Oct. 27 with the caption, "S P O O K Y 🕷 S Z N." On the spoof outfit, Morris is pictured at the mic wearing a crop top and jeans with the label "Lunatic Country Music Person." In the description, the costume features a tambourine, inclusive fans, a pickleball paddle, a wig, beef with transphobes, and "tall guy not included."

Morris' post refers to her recent feud with Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean. The feud between Brittany and Morris began after Brittany posted a video on Instagram showing her before and after glam looks. She captioned the post, "I'd really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life." Others in the industry, such as Morris and Cassadee Pope, have responded to the post with Pope writing, "You'd think celebs with beauty brands would see the positives in including LGBTQ+ people in their messaging. But instead here we are, hearing someone compare their 'tomboy phase' to someone wanting to transition. Real nice." Morris echoed Pope, replying, "It's so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie." 

Afterward, Brittany appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss her feud with Morris. Tucker described Maren as a "lunatic country music person," a title she has proudly adopted. Morris created a T-shirt line featuring the label and raised more than $100,000 for trans rights. Proceeds went to Trans LifeLine and GLAAD's Transgender Media Program

Brittany responded directly to the accusations of transphobia with a lengthy message. "Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it 'gender affirming care' is one of the worst evils. I will always support my children and do what I can to protect their innocence," Aldean wrote. "The other day, Memphis wanted to be a dinosaur, and tomorrow, Navy will want to be a cat. They're children."

"Some parents want to be accepted by society so badly that they're willing to make life-altering decisions for their children who aren't old enough to fully comprehend the consequences of those actions. Love is protecting your child until they are mature enough as an adult to make their own life decisions. Thankful my parents allowed me to go through my tomboy phase without changing my gender."