Maren Morris Reveals Crop Top Baby Bump Selfie Amid Her Third Trimester

Country singer Maren Morris is busy preparing for the arrival of her first baby. In the meantime, [...]

Country singer Maren Morris is busy preparing for the arrival of her first baby. In the meantime, Morris has taken to posting selfies on Instagram of her growing baby bump, delighting fans with her charm and humor in the process.

On Monday, Jan. 20, Morris posted a photo of herself wearing a black crop top and matching black leggings. In her caption, the "I Could Use a Love Song" singer noted her penchant for crop tops during her pregnancy.

"take my jawline but don't take my crop tops," she jokingly captioned the post, adding that she was in her third trimester.

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While Morris' post drew many supportive and sweet comments from her followers, there were others who didn't lead with positivity, as Morris later noted on Twitter.

"People will comment on my photos 'we get it, you're pregnant,'" she wrote. "I wanna be like, 'sorry, bozo but I'm not currently touring and I don't have any f—ing hair vitamins or tummy tea to sell you. The only thing currently going on for me is my pregnancy!'"

Morris first let fans know what she had going on in her life in October. At the time, the country crooner posted a photo of herself and her husband, Ryan Hurd, as they posed for a lovely maternity shoot.

"The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the 'GIRL' headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out," Morris wrote, acknowledging her hit album, GIRL, which was released in March 2019. "See you in 2020, little one."

In November, Morris detailed how she first found out the happy news during an interview with Taste of Country Nights. According to the singer, once she found out about her pregnancy, she not only told her husband, but she also poured her heart out into a new song.

"I wrote a song — I had a co-write the day that I took the pregnancy test," she told the publication.

"I couldn't think about anything else, so I have a song that I wrote about it," she added. "I'm sure there'll be more as I continue writing."

Morris continued to share that she had to tell her husband about the news first and that they were, naturally, overjoyed to share the moment together.

"I told him first," she recalled. "I called, because I was on my way to the write, and he was at like a fitting or something. But luckily we were both in town so we could celebrate that night. We were so excited."