Maren Morris Reacts to Capitol Riot: 'Today Is Gonna Be Hard to Shake'

Maren Morris has added her voice to the chorus of reactions to the Capitol riot on Wednesday, tweeting that "today is gonna be hard to shake." "Something my WW2 fighting Paw-Paw never told me about, something my parents never had to go through... thinking about how I will tell my son about this one day," she wrote.

The Texas native is mom to 9-month-old son Hayes, who was born in March just as the pandemic began in the United States. In October, Morris released her song "Better Than We Found It" and included a letter to her son in the music video. "You've been my precious silver lining these dark last few months," she said. "People are dying. A global pandemic has shut our world down, and people are more afraid, angry and distant than ever."

"I don't know how it got like this, but I will acknowledge my part in it. I have to do better. I will do better, for you. Our education must grow alongside our empathy," Morris continued. "Any time I get overwhelmed at the mess we've created, I try to see the world through your eyes. Negativity, fear and bitterness haven't yet touched you. You are kind and curious. I want to rekindle that in me."

The 30-year-old concluded her letter by promising Hayes that she will "step back to let you someday lead the way. I will, like you, never stop being kind and curious, and I will spend the rest of my waking days leaving this world, that you find so fascinating, better than I found it," she said. "Love, mom."

After the riots, Morris also criticized the wives of some of her fellow country artists when she replied to a tweet from singer Mickey Gutyon. "I am completely disgusted. Are these boys still backing the blue? Asking for a friend," Guyton wrote. Morris responded, "And how do some singer's wives conveniently not know the difference between marching for racial injustice and Nazis breaching our Capitol because their guy didn't win?"


One of those wives could be Brittney Kelley, wife of Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley, who appeared to initially refer to Wednesday's protestors as "patriots," or Jason Aldean's wife Brittany, who posted a now-deleted Antifa conspiracy theory on her Instagram Story.