Maren Morris Explains Love of Collaborating With Artists From Other Genres

Although Maren Morris is undoubtedly one of the reigning queens of country music right now, she especially loves singing with other artists who represent other styles of music. Morris, who has collaborated with Niall Horan, Zedd and Grey, Hozier, Thomas Rhett, Vince Gill and others, is always open to collaborating with other singers, especially ones who aren't country.

"I love collaborating with other artists, especially when it's outside of my genre, because it teaches me so much, about someone else's view on something," Morris told CBS This Morning. "Their view of the business; it's always been one of my favorite things, like Ray Charles and Willie Nelson. You'd see these really kind of unlikely collaborations and duets, and they're just magical. And then, obviously I love collaborations because I'm in a band, The Highwomen, which is one giant collaboration.

"I love being a solo artist, and that voice, but I love sharing the stage with someone as well," she added. "It's some of my favorite moments of my career have been honoring or singing with someone that I really respect."

Morris' freshman Hero album hasn't even been out four years, but the Texas native has already gotten to sing for and with some of her biggest musical inspirations, including Dolly Parton.

"Dolly's up there," Morris noted. "When I got to do the Elton John concert tribute thing, singing to him and Bernie Taupin. When I sang at my first Grammys with Alicia Keys. I've gotten really lucky, performing with some of my heroes. Dolly will always be my number one though."

Part of the reason Morris loves singing with other people, regardless of the genre they are in, is because of the way she gets to interpret a song with someone else.

"I'm very much a team player," Morris said. "It's about the good of the song. I've been lucky that the people I've dueted with, and collaborated with over the years have all been very professional and respectful in really taking turns, and not steamrolling the whole song."

Morris might be thrilled with the artists she has gotten to sing with already, but there's one artist she regrets not getting to share the stage with before they passed away.


"I don't know if I'd emotionally have been able to get through it, but I would have loved to have sung with Aretha," Morris revealed. "I'm sure everyone would. But that would be an other-worldly experience."

Photo Credit: Getty / Steven Ferdman