Maren Morris Defends Choice to Raise Her Son on the Road: 'It's a Real Life'

Her baby boy isn't even born yet, but Maren Morris is already preparing to bring him with her on the road. The singer plans on taking him with her as soon as she can, and is already getting tips from other artists who have successfully navigated parenting with their career and help her child transition from home to the bus with ease.

"It's a real life! They don't know any different," Morris told Taste of Country. "I think that's why, at this point in my career, it felt really possible ... I can do this without feeling like the new kid on the block."

One person Morris already reached out to is Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, who advised Morris on how to transform her bus for each stage of her son's life. Of course, there will be other things to consider, including schooling and kid-friendly food at catering, but the 29-year-old is ready to navigate those challenges head on.

"I think it'll be cool to have this baby grow up on the road and that be a normal thing," Morris said. "I've heard they never sleep better because a bus is natural rocking and white noise."

Morris only has one more date on her calendar before her due date, which is a performance at the Houston Rodeo. Although Morris hasn't announced exactly when her baby is scheduled to arrive, she does admit the show is cutting it precariously close, but it was an opportunity she didn't feel like she could pass up.

"It's a couple weeks before my due date," Morris said on the Ty Bentli Show via Nash Country Daily. "I'm nervous, but I've talked to my doctor about it, and I'm going to fly in and out the same day, and just keep it super chill. My set is at like 6 p.m., and it’s not too long of a flight, so I could be back in Nashville by 9 p.m., hopefully. It’s a pretty crazy concept."

Morris booked the Houston Rodeo before finding out she was pregnant, but feels confident she can still pull off an unforgettable show.

"It's such an iconic thing to get to do, especially being from Texas," Morris said. "So when I found out that I was pregnant, I was like, 'Oh my God, being nine months pregnant at the Houston Rodeo would be kinda bada––.' It's only an hour show, and I'm going to be very stationary, I’m not going to be running around the stage, obviously.


"We'll keep it chill," she continued. "I am also excited because it will be my first show in four months. It’s kind of a homecoming. I have good feelings about it. I think I can do it. I think I can pull it off. I think it will be pretty epic to say that I did the Houston Rodeo nine months pregnant."

Photo Credit: Getty / Image Group LA