Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Has Fans Laughing Over 'Smoking' Gag for '12 Days of Prankmas'

Caroline Bryan and her annual "12 Days of Prankmas" tradition continues. The wife of country star Luke Bryan has an ongoing tradition where she pranks her friends and family in the days leading up to Christmas. For day eight, she terrified some of her family members into thinking her kids had taken up smoking -- complete with fake cigarettes.

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"Day 8," Bryan's caption began, which showed several photos and videos of her family's responses. "The fake cigarette! A couple of victims who are terrified of their kids/grandkids developing a smoking habit!!"

Fans of Bryan and her holiday antics were quick to join in on the fun. "How many times have you had to tell your mother in law 'I'm sorry' while laughing?" asked one comment, while another wrote, "you're killing me with these pranks."

Bryan's annual tradition kicked off this year when she teamed up with comedians Chelcie Lynn and Officer Daniels teaming up to pull one over on her mother, LeClaire. Lynn posed as an obsessive fan while playing her character 'Trailer Trash Tammy.' Daniels then got involved pretending to be a cop.

In the past, Bryan has used everything from fart machines to air horns and even nail polish-painted soap to prank her family. Her husband has gotten her back just as often, including a fake snake, which Caroline called "Not funny. AT. ALL," Caroline wrote. "I'm terrified of snakes...they got me...but we had a little fun after I picked my heart up off the floor."

It's not just the Bryan family who are prone to be pranked, as Luke Bryan recently proved to Jimmy Butler and Meyers Leonard of the Miami Heat. While cooking dinner for the duo, Bryan agreed to adhere to their dietary restrictions: Butler wasn't eating meat while Leonard wanted turkey. So, the singer released his pet turkey, Juanita, and asked them to help him get the turkey ready.


Despite what it may seem like, there are more than just elaborate practical jokes in the Bryan household around the holidays. The chart-topper explained last year that they all gather around on Christmas Eve to enjoy chili dogs in their pajamas.

"It's a ritual," Bryan explained. "We're eating chili dogs in pajamas. It’s special anytime you can come up with fun traditions and hold true to them, so cooking chili dogs in a onesie is pretty special."