Luke Bryan's Wife On Crutches in New Video After Surgery

Caroline Bryan is still on the road to recovery. Bryan, the wife of country music singer Luke Bryan, underwent hip surgery in mid-November due to a torn labrum, hip dysplasia, and "a lot of" arthritis, and after briefly being bound to a wheelchair, she shared in a new update on her recovery that she has moved up to crutches!

Bryan shared the health update on Monday via a new video posted to her Instagram account. Posted alongside a caption simply reading, "and here we are..." the short clip showed Bryan making her way into a room with a large Christmas tree with the help of some crutches. As she came to stand in front of the camera, she motioned to her shirt, which read "Naughty," before she hilarious surmised, "maybe this is how I got into this predicament," lamenting that "karma is a b-. So are these compression socks. Merry Christmas."

Bryan first opened up about her health crisis on Nov. 15 when she shared a gallery of images and videos from the hospital, revealing, "well ... unexpected hip surgery ... but I got the best care and surrounded by the most selfless friends ever!" Although she did not share further details at the time, she returned to the social media platform just days later, explaining that the surgery "wasn't unexpected, I just wasn't ready to accept it." Bryan said that she knew "for a month that I had to have it," clarifying, "There was no emergency, no fall, no car wreck." She went on to reveal that she suffered a torn labrum, hip dysplasia, and "a lot of" arthritis.

"It had gotten so bad we had to fix it. So, that's it. I will do whatever they tell me to do to get better and get back out. 'Cause this not being able to move is not for me," she continued, sharing in other posts to her Instagram Story that she was "finally getting out after a long week" as she shared a video of herself rolling around in her wheelchair.

Amid her surgery and recovery, Bryan has been shown plenty of love from her social media followers. Writing on her most recent post, one fan commented, "Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I just broke my femur and can't walk for 2 mths. Well gotta use a walker. Take care." Another of Bryan's followers chimed in with, "Glad you are up and moving around. Please take care of yourself. Make all your boys wait on you." Bryan even offered some advice to one fan who also suffered a labrum tear and has been avoiding surgery, writing, "I avoided it for too long. You need to just go do it. It's not fun but your pain right now will get me!"