Why Luke Bryan Is 'Worried' About His Mom LeClaire With Her Instagram Followers

Many of Luke Bryan's fans have also become fans of his mom, LeClaire, over the years, thanks to her hilarious social media presence. LeClaire currently has 211,000 Instagram followers, and her son is a little worried about his mom's online fame. "I was on the 'gram and I looked down and my mother had 209,000 Instagram followers," Bryan told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. "I’m like, 'How in the hell did this happen?'"

"And then I started worrying about the potential fallout," he continued, "because there’s no telling what she’s gonna wake up and do." To begin the segment, Kimmel had shown Bryan a video of LeClaire sitting in a hot tub with several cans of beer, which prompted the singer to lament the fact that his mom couldn't be bothered to support her son's product, Two Lane American Golden Lager. "I put a new beer out, she's in a spa with Bud Light and I'm like, 'Momma, if you're gonna post, at least have your son's beer," he said. LeClaire captioned the post, "Crash my spa party," in reference to her son's hit song "Crash My Party."

After Kimmel queried as to whether LeClaire drank all the cans of beer that appeared the clip, Bryan told the audience that his mom has a strict rule when it comes to drinking. "It was daytime, so she doesn't start drinking her beer until seven central," he said. "She will not start — this is a real live stat." He also joked that she adjusts that starting time depending on her location. "Is jet lag the right term for beer drinking or whatever?" he said. "She moves it with the time zones.

Another featured post of LeClaire's was Bryan's third grade report card, which read, "Luke still cries when he thinks he might have homework" and "Luke is so worried about not finishing his work that he will not listen when I give the directions." The Georgia native revealed that though he's years removed from school, he still has "the impending homework dream." "You know, where you wake up at night with a lot of anxiety thinking you have homework," he explained, though he admitted to Kimmel that he was "not really" concerned about his homework when he actually was in school. "I don't know why I have the dreams," he said.