Luke Bryan Shares Graphic Video of Horrifying Fishing Accident

Luke Bryan ran into some bad luck while fishing. On Tuesday, the country music star and American [...]

Luke Bryan ran into some bad luck while fishing. On Tuesday, the country music star and American Idol judge went to Instagram to share a graphic photo of a fishing accident he was involved in. The video shows two of the prongs on a fishing lure embedded in his hand.

The prongs were embedded so deeply in the first finger and his thumb that the left portion of the hook was all the way through and sticking out on the other side. The middle hook is logged in, which made it challenging for Bryan to pull out. In the caption, Bryan wrote, "Dammit," and in the video, he said, "This is going to leave a mark." When Bryan's fans saw the video, the majority of them wrote "Ouch!" indicating they were in pain watching the accident.

The fishing accident is rough, but the good news is Bryan is back for another season of American Idol, which recently named its top 24 contestants. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Bryan talked about not being able to hug the contestants due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The interesting thing is just trying to navigate all of the new rules of COVID-19," Bryan said. "One tricky thing is a lot of times during the audition process, contestants will get very, very emotional and it will be an emotional situation for them. The fact that me and Lionel and Katy can't walk out there and do the human element — hug and show support and love, is very, very tough."

"I think that's one thing you'll see as a viewer of me and Lionel and Katy," he added. "When someone is hurting and they're emotional, you want to console them and hug them and love on them to help them through. The fact that sometimes we can't go put our arms around them is pretty heartbreaking."

Bryan, 44, hasn't been able to tour because of the pandemic but released a new album in August called Born Here Live Here Die Here. It's Bryan's seventh studio album and debuted No. 1 on the US Top Country Album chart. In his career, Bryan has sold over 15 million albums and 60 million singles worldwide