Luke Bryan Clears up Broken Finger Reports After Wife's Post

Luke Bryan wants everybody to know that he did not break his finger on a roller coaster. Following an Instagram post by his wife, Caroline, that claimed she had a twisted ankle and Bryan had a broken finger, the American Idol judge had to speak out.

"I did not break my finger and I did not break my finger at a roller coaster park," Bryan tells Instagram in a stern video. "My finger's not broken. Please stop reporting that it is broken."

All of this sounds like a man who broke his finger at a roller coaster park, but we can't confirm it. Luke Bryan has allegedly broken his finger at a roller coaster park, though accounts are conflicting. News at 11.

The angry rebuke can't be that angry, especially after a day at Cedar Point, but some outlets did run with the story. They also raised concerns about the status of his show at Kubiak Farms in Fowlerville. Michigan, which isn't until September but you can never be sure about those broken digits.

The Cedar Point trip was to celebrate the couple's son, Tate, on his birthday. The trip was a 3-day excursion. "Another adventure in the books! Luke broke a finger and I twisted another ankle...pretty much a normal day for us!" Caroline wrote in the caption of the post, sparking the feeding frenzy over Bryan's apparent injury.

What should be clear to onlookers is that injury or no injury, Bryan will keep the show rolling. Earlier this year, ahead of Crash My Playa 2022, Bryan had to deal with an absent voice. Was it a sickness? Was it Georgia's victory in the NCAA National Championship game? We might not ever know, but we do know that he was on stage before the end of the month.

Bryan was still set to perform in Milwaukee on Friday and follow it with Detroit Lakes, Minnesota on Saturday night. He's also worked through a Las Vegas residency, and is set to co-host the 56th Annual CMA Awards in November, alongside Peyton Manning. There's also American Idol on the schedule, with Katy Perry and Lionel Richie returning. Of course, all of this depends on Bryan's finger.