Luke Bryan and Kane Brown Prank Jason Aldean's Nashville Bar

Luke Bryan and Kane Brown recently had some fun at Jason Aldean's expense. On Instagram, Bryan showcased that he and Brown attempted to shut Aldean's bar down by pulling a silly prank. But, rest assured, their prankster ways didn't affect Aldean's bar all that much. 

In the clip, Bryan says, "Kane and I are at Aldean's bar. We're gonna shut the bar down, cost him a little bit of money." He proceeds to tinker with the fire alarm in the bar, setting it off while Brown looks on. The pair then run off giggling to hide in the stairwell. While the two country singers did cause a bit of a ruckus with their prank, the alarm only rang out for a few seconds. In Bryan's caption for the post, he laid all of the blame on Brown for their little joke, writing that he "made me do it." He also tagged Aldean and ended the post with the hashtag, "#pranksters."

Fans know that Bryan is rather fond of pranks. Often, his wife, Caroline Bryan, is the target of said pranks. However, she's likely in the clear for the time being because of her recent injury. Following the CMA Awards, Caroline underwent "unexpected" hip surgery. She later explained that it wasn't an emergency or accident that led to the injury rather it was something that she was dealing with for some time. Caroline told her fans, "I know I said unexpected surgery. It wasn't unexpected, I just wasn't ready to accept it. I've known for a month I had to have it, so there's no emergency, no fall, no car wreck."


Caroline explained that in addition to having a torn labrum, she was experiencing "hip dysplasia and a lot of arthritis." Eventually, the situation got so dire that she couldn't avoid surgery any longer. She said, "So, that's it, but I will do whatever they tell me to do to get better and get back out cause this whole not being able to move thing is not for me. But anyway, that's it." Bryan recently shared an update on her condition while guest co-hosting Country Countdown USA and revealed how she may have injured her hip. He said, "She'd torn her labrum in her hip, and it was right after the CMAs, and there's never a good time to do that, but she's good. She's a big tennis player, and probably injured it through tennis."