Luke Bryan Reveals Where He Draws the Line on Pranking Wife Caroline: 'She Has Prank Anxiety'

Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline Bryan are known to spark a wildfire of fun with their pranks every now and then. Driving a plethora of fans wild and so many into a fit of laughter with multiple watches, the country star couple is one of the most beloved for their consistent shenanigans posted to social media. But in a recent sit-down with Bryan for his upcoming album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here releasing Aug. 7, the Georgia native admitted there is a line he draws with his wife of 14 years.

"Well, I mean snakes draw the line for Caroline — when rubber snakes are flying out," Bryan told and other media at a Zoom press conference Thursday. "The funny thing about this prank thing, so she's kick-started the pranks, now she has prank anxiety. She has anxiety about creating more funnier pranks because you've got to outdo your prank from last year. But you know, it's fun around that."

The 44-year-old adds what is "really cute" about the whole thing is how his boys, Bo and Tate want to prank their mother now. "Momma gets them, so Bo's on TikTok trying to find all these pranks and my wife — that's just something that's kind of in her DNA. But what's funny is the best pranks are the ones that aren't planned."

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Luke is a butthole. Just trying to have a peaceful ride during quarantine season.

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One of the most popular pranks loved by fans is the one where Bryan train horns Caroline just days after April Fools Day — something Bryan admits he didn't plan. "She happened to be on the bicycle," he said. "I knew she didn't hear me behind her, and I just hit my train horn, and I mean, the rest is damned Instagram magic."

Bryan goes on to share how Caroline pulled a funny prank during one of their fishing trips out west, which they didn't record on video to share with fans, but explains was a memorable one, to say the least.

"We were out west, and you know when you're out in Montana and stuff — they're really conscious of what they're eating. No plastic water bottles and stuff like that. So one of our guides had a little daughter that's about 4 years old, and she's the cutest little girl in the world. [...] We had a campfire going and s'mores, and this little girl was up on the bus, and Caroline took a Five-Hour Energy, and poured it out." Further revealing how she gave the little girl the drink, Bryan says Caroline told her to run up to her mom and dad, telling them that "Ms. Caroline just let you drink this."


"This mom and dad, they had just met us, and this little girl runs off the bus, and she's like, 'Mom, Dad, look at what Ms. Caroline let me drink,'" Bryan said, adding how the dad was in a state of complete shock upon his daughter's announcement, looking like he "just broke down on his knees." With the country star and his wife finally popping off the bus to shout "Gotcha!" Bryan admits that while the "poor dad" didn't know what he walked into, "that's the stuff that you can't ever fully prepare for with Caroline."

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