Luke Bryan's Latest Photo With Wife Caroline 'Truly Says It All'

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline were made for each other, and the singer's latest photo only further proves this point. On Wednesday, Bryan posted a snap of the two enjoying a hot tub right by the beach, Bryan standing on the edge wearing banana-print swim trunks with a drink in his hand and Caroline in the water pulling a silly face. "This picture truly says it all," he joked in his caption.

Caroline commented on the snap, adding, "You made me this way." One fan chimed in to reference Bryan's current single, "One Margarita," writing, "One margarita two margarita three margarita shot," while another joked, "You think you got it goin on in the background don't you." Bryan and Caroline have been keeping fans fully entertained on social media during quarantine with a number of photos and some truly epic pranks, the most recent of which featured Caroline getting her husband back after he scared her off her bike with a train horn.

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For revenge, Caroline climbed into a cabinet above the refrigerator, where she closed the door and waited for her husband to enter the kitchen. When he did, someone told him to check the fridge for parmesan cheese, a request Bryan complied with before Caroline slowly opened the cabinet door before screaming loudly.

Her husband immediately banged his head on the fridge before stumbling away, throwing the beer can he was holding in the air and exclaiming, "Dang it!" "Payback's a b—," Caroline laughed from the cabinet, to which Bryan glumly said, "There goes my beer" before walking away. "Got Luke back....," Caroline wrote in her caption, adding a quote from Al Capone. "Somebody messes with me, I'm gonna mess with him." "I can't take this abuse anymore," Bryan commented.

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Last week, Caroline trolled her husband on her Instagram Story, posting a series of videos of Bryan attempting to record what sounded like a promo video, though he kept getting stuck on his opening line. Caroline first asked him what he was doing before being jokingly yelling at him to "Get it right," prompting Bryan to tell her to "Quit it!" to which she responded at the end of her story, "Take number 85."