Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline 'Gets Him Back' With Epic New Prank

Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, was out for revenge after her husband scared her off her bike during a prank earlier this month, and she has officially succeeded, sharing a video of her retaliation on Instagram on Thursday. The clip starts with the Bryans' nephew, Til, helping Caroline climb into a cabinet above the refrigerator, where she closed the door and waited for her husband to enter the kitchen.

The clip cut to Luke standing at the counter as someone told him, "Hey, we need some parmesan for tomorrow night. Do we have any parmesan in there? Check, I'll check the barn." The next shot was of Luke opening the fridge, at which point Caroline slowly opened the cabinet door before screaming loudly. Luke immediately banged his head on the fridge before stumbling away, throwing the beer can he was holding in the air and exclaiming, "Dang it!"

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"Payback's a b—," Caroline told him from the cabinet, to which Luke glumly said, "There goes my beer" before walking away. "Got Luke back....," Caroline wrote in her caption, adding a quote from Al Capone. "Somebody messes with me, I'm gonna mess with him."

Caroline was getting her husband back for a prank he pulled on her earlier this month when he drove up behind her as she was riding her bike. He honked the horn, which sounded exactly like a train horn, making Caroline's legs fly off her bike as she attempted to balance herself before pulling over and falling on the grass while Luke howled with laughter. "Lina gets hit with the train horn," the American Idol judge's caption read. "#quarantine #toottoot." Caroline shared the same post on her own Instagram along with a second clip of herself giving her husband the middle finger as she sat on the ground. "Luke is a butthole," she wrote. "Just trying to have a peaceful ride during quarantine season."

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Luke and Caroline, who married in 2006, have a long history of pranking each other, and during the holiday season for the past several years, Caroline has carried on a family tradition dubbed the "12 Days of Prankmas" in which she pranks her family members and friends in various and always hilarious ways.