Listen to Dierks Bentley's Latest Single, 'Burning Man,' With Brothers Osborne

Dierks Bentley is back at radio with a brand-new single, "Burning Man." The song, which includes his Mountain High Tour openers, Brothers Osborne, is the second single from his recent The Mountain album.

"This song hits hard on so many levels for me and having Brothers Osborne be a part of it makes it even better," Bentley says in a statement. "This has become one of my favorite moments in our live show and I can't wait to see the crowds reaction over the rest of the summer."

"Burning Man," which says, "I'm a little bit steady but still little bit rollin' stone / I'm a little bit heaven but still a little bit flesh-and-bone / Little found, little don't-know-where-I-am / I'm a little bit holy water but still a little bit burning man," was written by Bobby Pinson and Luke Dick – one of only three songs on the record that Bentley didn't write.

"I felt an immediate connection to the lyrics," Bentley tells PEOPLE. "The idea that we all are a little bit of everything ... a little bit holy water and a little bit burning man… really resonated with me."

"I've never heard a song communicated like this in country music before," he adds. "I love Brothers Osborne both as musicians and people and I knew they would connect to the song like I did. Performing it with them is certainly a highlight in the show for me. We all can't wait to hear the crowd singing along with us."

"Burning Man" follows "Woman, Amen," the debut single from The Mountain, which became his latest No. 1 hit. But the Arizona native has plenty of songs he hopes to release from his latest set of tunes.

"I think the unifying thread that runs through The Mountain would be just happiness and positivity, just a real kind of vibe of being grateful in the moment that you're in," Bentley shares. "The album really started off just as a tiny idea of something to do with the West. I wasn't sure if it was a sonic idea or some sort of lyric or an overall vibe, and I didn't really know where to go.

"The album kind of wrote itself to be that story of just songs like 'Living,' 'Can't Bring Me Down' and 'The Mountain' – just the vibe of just being really grateful and inspired by your surroundings and not just the mountain vibe, but the surroundings on the road too. The people that I meet on the road that are climbing their own personal mountains and the stuff they're trying to overcome. I hear so many stories backstage at the meet-and-greets, and I was unknowingly inspired by those stories, and I think that gives the whole Mountain [album] a great metaphor between the actual mountains and the mountains people are pursuing in their own lives."


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