Lauren Alaina Opens up About 'Deceitful' Past Relationship: 'It Was Very Hurtful'

Lauren Alaina is opening up about a difficult time in her life, sharing a personal post on social media this week reflecting on a previous relationship that negatively affected her and offering a message to other women "who were wrapped up in the same narrative I was wrapped up in." The 26-year-old began her post by telling fans that she had been searching for the right words to discuss her experience and always wants to use her platform "as a light in the world to help myself and others to love themselves fully and love others fully."

"I went through a personal experience that truly stopped me in my tracks. It was very public, and it was very hurtful," she wrote. Adding that she "learned so much about myself through this experience," Alaina shared that she "was able to get therapy and help from others when I needed it most." She continued by explaining that she "needed to get my feet back on the ground before I could feel ready to finally speak up for myself" and that almost two years after her experience, she is still receiving messages from other women who were involved in the "same narrative."

"Being in a relationship with an addict is scary, deceitful and hard to manage," Alaina continued. The "Getting Good" singer did not specify who she was referring to or what their addiction was, though many of her fans are speculating that her post is about comedian John Crist, who Alaina dated for several months in 2019 before confirming their breakup that September. Crist was accused of sexual misconduct in November 2019 and stated in response to an investigation by Charisma News that he has struggled with "sexual sin and addiction."

The allegations included claims that Crist "has exploited his Christian reputation and platform to harass, manipulate and exploit young women over the last seven years." Alaina concluded her post by noting that she "was fortunate to have access to tools to help me through that time, and I realize some of the people affected may not have had the same opportunity." May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the singer shared that her foundation, My Kinda People, has made a donation to Mental Health American "to hopefully move the needle for people out there who need their own healing."


In her caption, the American Idol alum added that she has "finally put this chapter behind me." "I hope we can all find the forgiveness and healing we need," she wrote. "Thank you to everyone who has supported me. It's meant more than you will ever know. We are all in this together." Alaina's post comes one week after she revealed that she was "ready" to speak her truth about her past experience.