Lauren Alaina Reveals She's 'Ready' to Share Her Truth After Getting Numerous Messages From Women

Days after the release of Lauren Alaina's new single 'Getting Over Him,' the country artist says [...]

Days after the release of Lauren Alaina's new single "Getting Over Him," the country artist says she is ready to speak her truth following the response she's gotten. The country singer took to Twitter Sunday to reveal she's preparing to speak out about what appears to be a previous toxic relationship. Alaina previously revealed that "Getting Over Him" was about a "pretty public breakup" she went through in 2019, and the lyrics more than hint at infidelity being involved.

"Heard from a friend of a friend, that you had a reputation/ And it sounded like my kind of lonely medication/ I was the girl he'd cheat on, looking for a little bit of neon/ So I got drunk, hit you up and you took the invitation," she sings in the song. Alaina also shared on Twitter a message sent to her from a woman who thought she was "allegedly dating" the same person the musician was at the same time, although the musician redacted the name of their mutual beau.

"To all the women who have sent me these messages, I see you. I'm sorry you went through it as well. I wish I had spoken up for you all before now. I will find a way," she wrote alongside the screenshot, adding in a separate tweet that night, "It's never too late to speak your truth. I'm ready." Alaina went through two breakups in 2019 — first from fiancé Alex Hopkins in January and then from John Crist in September 2019.

Shortly after the Christian comedian and Alaina split after a few months of dating, Crist was accused of sexual misconduct, including using his position to "harass, manipulate and exploit young women over the last seven years," according to Charisma News at the time. A representative for the performer said in a statement to the outlet at the time, "Over the past number of years, various women have accused me of behavior that has been hurtful to them. While I am not guilty of everything I've been accused of, I confess to being guilty of this — I have treated relationships with women far too casually, in some cases even recklessly."

He continued, "I am sorry for the hurt and pain I have caused these women and will continue to seek their forgiveness. I have also hurt the name of Jesus and have sought His forgiveness." Alaina told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the allegations, "I have not talked to him recently, no. But I wish him and everyone in his story the best. I'm not really involved in that."