LANCO's Brandon Lancaster Discusses 'Inspiring' No. 1 Hit, 'Greatest Love Story'

LANCO recently celebrated their first No. 1 hit, "Greatest Love Story," the debut single from their upcoming freshman album, Hallelujah Nights. Lead singer Brandon Lancaster wrote the tune, by himself, about his wife of almost four months, Tiffany, never imagining it would become a chart-topping, gold-selling single.

"It's really cool," Lancaster shared with and other reporters at a recent media event. "I think the most encouraging thing that I've realized over the past few months is, it's just dawned on me that I did write this song before we had a record deal, before we really had anything going for us. And to me that just kind of proves that anybody, no matter where you are out there, if you have a song, if you have a dream -- there could be someone tonight right now working a job who is about to get off work and go home tonight, write a song in their apartment, who has nothing going for them, and one day be a number one song. That's a really incredible and inspiring thing that we're a part of that."

Lancaster co-wrote seven of the 11 tracks on Hallelujah Nights, writing "Greatest Love Story" and three others by himself. But the tunesmith says the fact that a song he wrote by himself shot to No. 1, likely surprises him most of all.

"It's definitely crazy," says Lancaster. "I think that, honestly, when I was writing it, I didn't know how crazy it was. I really believe in co-writing. I believe in getting together with multiple people with different backgrounds, influences, and even vocabularies, and putting together a great song. There's lots of songs on our album where that's done, but when you get into songwriting, you don't think like, 'I'll write a song so I can co-write.' You just have something to say. You have a story to tell and you try to tell it.

"I think that's always been an important thing to me," he continues. "I think it should be an important thing to any songwriter, to not be afraid that if you have a story to tell, and you think that you know how to tell it, then go ahead and do it, even if it's by yourself."


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Photo Credit: GreenRoom PR