Listen to Lady Antebellum's New Single, 'What If I Never Get Over You'

It's here! Lady Antebellum's brand-new single, "What If I Never Get Over You," is out! The song is from an upcoming, still-untitled new album, marking their first release on Big Machine Records.

"I feel like 'What If I Never Get Over You' is a turn back to our beginning, both in the sound and the core of who we are," Dave Haywood said of the song. "We love being able to put out those big questions about lost love, like 'What if time doesn't do what it's supposed to do?' or 'What if I never move on from this relationship?'"

The song, sung as a duet between Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott, is intentionally reminiscent of some of their earliest hits, including "Need You Now," released in 2009

"We hit this place of wanting to go back to where we came from," explained Scott. "This single is a great example of that. We've got 13 years of life together, of work together, of ups and downs in our personal lives. All of that kind of encompasses one same feeling: 'We're here, we're loving it, and we're turning over a new leaf — one that feels really familiar and authentic to ourselves as a band.'"

"What If I Never Get Over You" is a good indicator of what the rest of their upcoming album will sound like.

"We had a lot of other really special songs that we recorded, but this just felt like such a good timely single for us," Kelley recently shared with and other media. "Something we haven't put out in a long time, and to me it's probably to be my favorite thing we've put out since around that second or third record. 'The 'Need You Now' record just has that kind of longing thing that I think is something we usually try to gravitate towards.

"We've taken a lot of chances and tried a lot of different things, like 'You Look Good' and 'Bartender', which has been huge for our live show," he added, "but I do think that the core of us is definitely more of this type of a sound. So, we're really excited about it, for sure."


Lady Antebellum has yet to announce when their next record, their seventh, will be released. Download "What If I Never Get Over You" on iTunes. Find tour dates at

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Rick Diamond