Lady Antebellum Look Forward to 2020 After 'Tough' Few Years as a Band

No one is more ready for the new year than Lady Antebellum. The trio, made up of Charles Kelley, [...]

No one is more ready for the new year than Lady Antebellum. The trio, made up of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, just released Ocean, their most personal and vulnerable able to date. The new set of tunes came on the heels of a challenging couple of years for the band, which they are eager to finally put in the past.

"I think as a band we're definitely as close and open as we've been in a long time," Kelley said, via their record label. "I think we're trying to be completely honest and you'll hear it in the songs. The past two, three years have been really tough for us as a band, just kind of going through so many life changes, and I think really trying to recognize what each of us wants out of this career and out of this life. And we came to the conclusion that balance – for us to continue to do this – it's going to be balance and trust and open and honest conversations."

Ocean was almost named Pictures instead, from one of the more poignant tracks on their latest project.

"We've looked happy in pictures, but behind the scenes, it's a journey and it's a struggle," Haywood told and other media. "There are times where we're at the highs of highs, there are times where it's hard touring, missing your family, being gone, traveling. Doing what you love is a gift, but it comes with a couple sacrifices as well. So yeah, we look happy in pictures, but it's neat to think about what happens behind the scenes. So, that's where that song came about."

It might not have all been smooth sailing for Lady A, but with the release of Ocean, they have no doubt there are great things ahead for them in the new year.

"The times where you push through the awkward or the pain or the discomfort and communicate honestly, whether it be in songwriting or whether it be in a conversation with each other or someone we love it's always worth it," Scott previously stated. "You always feel better on the other side of it. You always feel more understood and seen and known and valued. At least we've learned to do that. We've learned to communicate."

Tour plans for 2020 have yet to be announced. Purchase Ocean at

Photo Credit: Getty / Ethan Miller