Hillary Scott on LadyAID Charity: 'We've All Got to Do Better'

It's been a busy year for Lady Antebellum, and not just because of their music careers. The trio, made up of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, have also poured much of their time and resources into LadyAID, a charity they created that aims to "bring awareness to and generate support for the plight of children locally, nationally, and globally who cannot otherwise help themselves."

"There's Puerto Rico and there's [the Vegas shooting] and there's Hurricane Harvey and Irma and all of these things that this year alone has entailed, not to mention the other organizations that we're so unbelievably passionate about and support as much as we can with LadyAID," Scott tells PopCulture.com. "It's spurring us on. It really is."

Each of the Lady A members are also proud parents, with Haywood and his wife expecting a new baby around Christmas, and Scott due next year with twin girls. Their growing families serve as motivation to keep doing all they can to help those in need.

"We've got a fire in our belly to do more, because not only do I have two little girls that I want the world to be better for, I have a four-year-old at home," adds Scott. "I try to wake up every day and think about the way that we can just do better in general. Love each other better, and protect each other and fight for one another ... We've all got to do better."

The trio, who were honored earlier this year with SESAC Humanitarian Award for their generosity, donated $200,000 to help with Puerto Rico's recovery efforts after September's devastating Hurricane Maria, and also give a portion of each of their ticket sales towards the charitable organization.


For more information, or to make a donation, visit LadyAID.org.