Listen to Jon Pardi's New Single, 'Night Shift'

Jon Pardi has just released his latest single, "Night Shift." The song is the fifth, and likely final, single from his sophomore California Sunrise album.

"Night Shift" is one of five songs on the 12-track record that he didn't write, and one Pardi wouldn't have initially considered for his own project. With lines like "I love how you leave on the lights / Not a thing between you and me / And it feels so nice when you and I are / Working on the night shift, baby / Dying for your touch like crazy," the song pleasantly took Pardi out of his comfort zone.

"It's definitely a new style for me to kind of deliver this real kind of sexy but cool and very – it's got a good enough touch for a lady but also a strong enough kind of sense of songs for men to listen to – growing men, college kids," says Pardi. "It's definitely a little bit of everything. But 'Night Shift,' I always say is the working man's love song. He's been working all day, he's going to go work a night shift with his lady. And it's just a fun idea of taking a work term and making a love story out of it.

"And I loved the beat — 'It's been a wreck me week,'" he continues. "It's just a really strong – when you start singing you can just feel it. And it came out really good recorded and it's one of my favorites too."

Pardi has yet to announce when his next set of tunes will be released, but he does reveal it will include a song by Miranda Lambert and Eric Church, and hints at a possible duet with Lambert as well.

"Miranda is awesome and a great songwriter," Pardi boasts. "She knows exactly who she is and she knows exactly what she wants to do. She doesn't take any sh-- from nobody. She's a true Texan. As an artist who knows who I am, I totally respect her and all she does, from the singles she releases to the songs she writes.

"I recorded a song that her and Eric Church wrote for the next record, and I am still begging her to sing with me, so we will see," he adds. "I love Miranda. She is a genuine, great artist."


Download "Night Shift" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Kempin