Kid Rock Pledges $100K to Barstool Sports' Small Business Fundraiser

Kid Rock has hopped aboard The Barstool Sports Fund aimed at small businesses and did so in a big way with a $100,000 donation towards the cause. The country musician joins a long list of fellow celebrities who have shown his support for the fundraiser set in motion by the company’s president, Dave Portnoy.

“This is the American I love,” the singer wrote in all caps on Twitter. “Put me down for 100K. And I only post this in hopes others as blessed as me may be moved to help out.” Portnoy shared Kid Rock’s post and added a comment, “Let’s go!!! Kid Rock!”

As of Monday evening, the fund had exceeded $18 million in donations, with the number continuing to rise as more than 139,000 supporters have chipped in to help out small businesses. As Portnoy shared in his video that first revealed his plans, the reason he set the charity up was to facilitate help for small businesses impacted by COVID-19. More specifically, businesses impacted by restrictions across the country that have explicitly hindered the income and operations for these mom and pop shops. He has stated that 100% of the proceeds will be going straight towards chosen small businesses.

Along with its Twitter account and Portnoy’s social media, the fund's page has been transparent in where the money has been going. One of the latest businesses to receive help was Steak Street in High Point, North Carolina, which was given $30,000. The Barstool Sports’ Small Business Fundraiser initially targeted local businesses in the New York and New Jersey area before quickly expanding to the nation. What fueled his decision to start the fund, and kick in $500,000 of his own money to do so, was to provide support in an area that he says the government is lacking in. The fund originated shortly after the Senate passed the December relief fund.

Along with Kid Rock’s donation, many other notable figures have given financial support to the cause. Tom Brady, Guy Fieri and Darren Rovell have been among the others in a growing list who have made offerings. Portnoy's now hoping to get some big donations from the likes of Elon Musk, who he openly has called upon in interviews to help out.