Kenny Chesney Drops 'Here and Now' Video Along With Inspiring Message During Coronavirus Outbreak

Not even the coronavirus outbreak can keep Kenny Chesney from engaging with his fans. The [...]

Not even the coronavirus outbreak can keep Kenny Chesney from engaging with his fans. The Tennessee native just dropped the video for his current single, "Here and Now," along with an inspiring message for those who are struggling during the pandemic.

"Even, or maybe especially, in times like these, we need to remember how blessed we are to be alive, and to make every second count," Chesney commented. "Wherever, however you are, look around, dig in, get engaged! Love the people you're with, find something to smile about. Be mindful, but be happy... and obviously take care of yourself and others. The [Here and Now] music video is out now. Link in bio."

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Chesney earlier announced he had made the difficult decision to postpone the start of his Chillaxification Tour, due to coronavirus.

"You can't take risks without really understanding the consequences," Chesney said in a statement. "In times of uncertainty, I won't take chances with those I love. I can't imagine, as much as we love being out there playing for the fans, being able to do that through the worry our nation is experiencing.

"So, while we wait to see how this terrible virus is going to impact our country, I think it's only fair to move these first several dates now," he continued. "We are figuring some of this out as we go, but I know people buy airline tickets, book hotel rooms – and I wanted to try to give everyone as much time to sort that out as possible."

Chesney is hoping to begin the tour by the end of May, although he admits that could still change.

"I promise: we are going to work as quickly as we can to sort out what we can and can't do in terms of these dates," the singer vowed. "We're going to cross our fingers this pandemic will resolve as some of the experts have suggested, and we hope to kick off the tour May 30th at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, a venue we've played since 2005. But mostly, I hope this virus is contained, and the suffering and deaths are kept to the fewest possible people."

"Here and Now' is the title track of Chesney's upcoming album, scheduled to be released on May 1.

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