Kelsey Waters Gets the Edge off With New Single 'One More Habit'

Boasting a rebellious if not sultry vibe, Kelsey Waters is ready to be the next crossover artist to emerge on the music scene as an indie rocker with an electric guitar. Her latest single "One More Habit," – a song currently featured on Spotify's Femme Fatale playlist — is making its rounds, and making Waters one to watch.

In the debut episode of PopCulture Performance — which you can watch above — the 22-year-old Waters said the single is by far the edgiest of all her tracks but that it sets the tone for the rest of her sound.

"I wanted to put this story out there from a girl's perspective, like, 'Hey, we're just like you. We're not all pretty and perfect,'" she said of the track based on real experiences. "Every girl has a similar story to that."

The lyrics read as an internal battle being released to the world.

"Midnight crawl into your bed / Light you up like a Marlboro Red / Crush you out swear I'll never again / And once again I've spoken too late, one more habit I can't break"

The conflicting song is berthed directly from Waters, herself appearing as a paradox of evidently humble and incredibly bubbly.

Waters is passionate about music, and it is paying dividends as the current single heating up the Nashville scene. Though she's ushering her unique sound into a genre predominately held by male recording artists, she says it all works in her favor.

"I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if I didn't have really cool dudes backing me up," she says. "The only time it doesn't work in a way is if you put out a song like, 'One More Habit' and get backlash perhaps from a male."

The Florida native shares that though she grew up in a "pretty musical family" where her mother also sang in a Bonnie Raitt cover band, she was the only one who actually moved into a musical career.

"My sister is a scientist, my brothers are into sports, and all I can really do was sing," Waters laughs.

With a steadfast appreciation for music and hopes to broaden her indie rock music artistry in an evolving genre, Waters reveals in addition to playing the guitar, she's also currently taking piano lessons.

"You go into a room in Nashville and everybody is so multi-talented," she says. "So I thought … I should go and learn more about what I'm actually doing here."

What she is doing here, is making a name for herself — in her own way.


Watch Waters' acoustic performance of "One More Habit" and full-length interview above to learn what more fans and listeners can expect next from the up-and-coming artist.

Photo credit: Facebook / Kelsey Waters