Kelly Clarkson Promises People Will 'Ugly Cry' at 'UglyDolls' Movie

Kelly Clarkson's highly-anticipated UglyDolls movie premieres nationwide on Friday, May 3. The American Idol alum, who voices the role of Moxy, the main character, promises it will bring more than a few tears to viewers, even though it's an animated film.

"Emotionally, it's a roller-coaster ride throughout the movie," Clarkson told ABC News Radio. "'Cause I know it's an animated film but, like, you'll totally cry."

Clarkson was drawn not only to the message of the movie, but the music as well.

"The songs are great. They're empowering," Underwood promised. "It's kind of straight-up out of a Kelly Clarkson catalog. They're all very empowering and just highlighting the fact that it's OK to be you and it's an awesome thing that you get to be you."

Clarkson's favorite song in UglyDolls is one she didn't write, but was instead written by one of her favorite artists of all time, pop superstar Pink.

"'Broken & Beautiful' is one of my favorite things I've ever been able to record," Clarkson said. "One, because Pink wrote it and I'm a huge Pink fan. And two, just because there couldn't have been a more perfect song written for the whole theme of this movie."

UglyDolls also includes her fellow coach on The Voice, Blake Shelton, who was also drawn to the message in the movie. Shelotn attended the Los Angeles premiere of the film with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, and her three children.

"We get to do it about four or five times a year — this is one of them," Shelton told Extra. "It's cool that it's this project — the kids are super excited about this movie. I'm excited for them, because it's such a great message ... My cool points went up with this one."

UglyDolls might be opening in theaters, but the 37-year-old likely won't be up to going to the movies. Clarkson just had her appendix removed on Thursday, May 2, one day after hosting the Billboard Music Awards, which she did while in extreme pain.

"Not gonna lie.... I may or may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain," Clarkson tweeted following the awards ceremony. "BUT thanks 2 all the amazing people [Cedars-Sinai] I flew home directly after the event, nailed the surgery early this morning, & feeling awesome now! Bye bye appendix!"


Clarkson plans to be back to work by the time The Voice returns on Monday night.

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur