Kelly Clarkson Admits She Has 'Never Been More Nervous' Than Singing With Trisha Yearwood

When Kelly Clarkson invited Trisha Yearwood to join her on her new talk show, The Kelly Clarkson [...]

When Kelly Clarkson invited Trisha Yearwood to join her on her new talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, the two discussed their duet, "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," from Yearwood's recent Every Girl album. While Clarkson is considered one of the best vocalists across all genres, the American Idol alum admitted she was incredibly nervous singing in the studio with Yearwood, in part because of Yearwood's husband, Garth Brooks.

"I'll tell you, I have never been more nervous about sounding good," Clarkson admitted to Yearwood on her show (via PEOPLE). "Because I was like, you're there already, that was nerve-wracking enough, and then your husband, who's you know, Garth freaking Brooks, walks in. "Literally, he was producing me. I was peeing my pants."

Yearwood hinted that Brooks was only there because of Clarkson.

"He was trolling my session to try to get you to work with him," Yearwood joked. "That's totally what he was doing."

"I was literally about to die," Clarkson continued. "'Cause I was so nervous. Both of you. I mean you're just such this power couple."

Clarkson might have been nervous, but she didn't need to be. The current coach on The Voice earned plenty of praise from Yearwood.

"It's just amazing what you bring," Yearwood told Clarkson. "I know you could probably — everyone you sing with, you make them sound better. But I love our voices together. I love singing with you."

Every Girl is Yearwood's first set of new music in 12 years, a time lapse she vows will never happen again.

"I didn't mean to," Yearwood told, speaking about the length of time between projects with original material. "I was on this tour with my husband which was almost a four-year tour, and when I wasn't on tour with Garth I was filming the cooking show in this house. Life just goes by. I looked up one day and so much time had passed. So last year, 2018, I actually made two albums. I made an album of standards called Let's Be Frank, and then I started working on the country record.

"I'm so excited it's finally here," she continued. "And I realized through all the things that I do that I love, that I love, music is what feeds my soul and I wasn't doing that, so I needed to get in the studio. It was really cathartic for me and it's really what I believe I'm supposed to be doing. So I will not wait 12 years again, I promise."

Photo Credit: Getty images / David Becker