Keith Urban Weighs in on Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Keith Urban says Taylor Swift is killing the game on her current tour. He recently attended Swift's Eras tour at a stop in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field with his wife, Nicole Kidman. The two sprung for VIP tickets. "We had the best time," Urban told PEOPLE exclusively. "It's an amazing show. I knew it would be, but it's a whole other level. I mean, she's absolutely at the top of her game. This tour is just the best of the best." In a video posted to TikTok from the show, Urban enjoyed Swift's performance of 1989's "Style" and the beginning of "Blank Space." He captioned the video, "We love ya [Taylor Swift.]"

Swift's show is a huge undertaking. Over a three-hour period, she wows crowds with a 44-song setlist that pays tribute to each of her albums, including her latest, Midnights. Her first stop was in Glendale, Arizona, in April. The tour is scheduled to run through Aug. 9, with the final performance at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Keeping things on theme, all of her performance attire is an homage to previous eras. Her costumes include outfits from Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Nicole + Felicia, and more. She encouraged her fans attending the concerts to wear looks inspired by one of the albums.

Urban has collaborated with Swift. He is featured on the song "That's When" from her album Fearless (Taylor's Version). Swift famously re-recorded her albums in order to receive the correct profits from them. Urban gives kudos to her for doing so. 

"It's amazing," he told PEOPLE. "I mean, look, she's not the first artist that's rerecorded old songs, but she's done it in such a way where she's been able to get her fans to get on board with these versions. All the fans know why she's done it, and more power to her as far as taking artistic control."