Keith Urban Reveals New Year's Resolution for 2020, Looks Back on 2019

2019 was a year to remember for Keith Urban, but he is betting 2020 will be even better! The "We Were" singer reveals his New Year's resolution as he kicks off the year, which, not surprisingly, focus mostly around the music he wants to create moving forward.

"To keep expanding the musicality that my life is –– the kind of music I get to listen to; the kind of music I get to make," Urban told his record label of his goals for the year. "For me, it's always about moving my center in everything in life. As long as my center keeps moving, it keeps me alive, invigorated, passionate, curious, hunger, engaged, interested, everything comes from that. So, hopefully that will, I KNOW that will continue."

Urban, who rang in the New Year by performing for the annual free show in Nashville, while his wife Nicole Kidman looked on, spent most of the previous year working on new music, which is what drives him more than anything else.

"When I think of this whole year musically, I think of being in the studio for a good chunk of it," Urban recounted. "It seemed like any chance I had I was in a studio somewhere at any given moment. Sometimes I would find myself having three hours to spare like tomorrow, and if my studio wasn't up and running, I'd book one and jump in and do something."

The 52-year-old previously hinted that his new set of tunes would include a couple guest artists.

"There's a couple of collaborations on there," Urban shared with and other media. "It's hard to know what ends up making it to an album, versus what might be used in some other way. So I'm just anxious to get new music out, right? You know that feeling."

Urban hasn't shared many details on his next record, but he does admit he is becoming a fan of EPs instead of long albums.

"The advantages of that, I think, for me, I love the idea of an EP, where you can savor the songs, and not just throw 18 songs at someone," Urban noted. "And because too many songs get missed. The people don't realize, it's a really good song, that track 13 is awesome, but no one's going to get to it.


"So I'm a bit of a fan of the EP, " he added. "But at the same time I love people having a lot of music to be able to enjoy as well. So I think it's, there's not one size fits all. That's for sure. And I think it's in this beautiful free fall."

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer