Watch Keith Urban Record 'Same Heart' From Latest 'Graffiti U' Album

Keith Urban is letting fans get a behind the scenes look at "Same Heart," from his latest Graffiti U album. The singer shared the glimpse on Twitter, showing how the song was both written and recorded.

The video (watch in its entirety here) begins with Urban sitting behind a massive soundboard in the studio, singing the lines, "Traded in my old Toyota / And I moved outta that shoebox apartment," before he explains what makes the song unique, at least to him.

"It's such an unusual thing to have in that context," Urban said while working on the song. "I love that motif so much."

The Aussie can be seen listening back to the instruments, while also singing a few more lines of what became one of Urban's favorite songs he has ever recorded.

"What I loved about this song, and how it came about – again, with the story being drawn from the music, and the repetition of the chords, so that there's no closure, which is the point of the song," Urban explained. "I can change everything in my life, but I've still got the same heart."

"I'm always drawn to that fusion of roboticism or machinery – drum machines, computerization of some sort, and then real instruments playing along with that," he continued. "I've always been drawn to that. Most of the songs I've written in the last 20 years, there's almost always been a drum machine present, to give me a beat, a groover and foundation."

Urban co-wrote "Same Heart" with Jason Evigan, Emily Weisband, and Jordan Minton, but in spite of so many people, the song almost wrote itself.

"For the four of us, when we wrote it, we all very much felt the person in the song," Urban acknowledged. "We knew that place, all four of us, from our own stories knew that place in the song, in the story. It was a very easy song to write. From that standpoint, we all felt the same. The music made us all feel the same. That was a pretty magical thing."

Urban poured his heart and soul into Graffiti U, but is already working on new music. The 51-year-old revealed after he wrapped up his global Graffiti U World Tour that he was already thinking of his next album.

Download "Same Heart" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Tim Mosenfelder