Kane Brown Hints He Is Already Working on Another Song for Kingsley After 'For My Daughter'

He already wrote one song about his baby girl, but Kane Brown hints another one might be in the [...]

He already wrote one song about his baby girl, but Kane Brown hints another one might be in the works! The proud father of 4-month-old Kingsley Rose, dropped "For My Daughter" right after she was born, but says he already has an idea for another song in mind.

"I actually wrote down a title the other day," Brown told Taste of Country. "It's crazy because I thought of it six months ago and I completely forgot about it and it popped back into my head. It was the same exact title, so I thought this must be a decent title."

Kingsley was already a fan of "For My Daughter," even before she was born, according to Brown.

"I'm not saying this because it's my song, but Katelyn used to play her 'For My Daughter," Brown said, referring to when Katelyn was still pregnant with Kingsley. "I mean, when I put it on, she just calms down."

Both Brown and Katelyn are singers, with their infant appearing to also be headed in the same direction.

"Even the doctor at the hospital said — when she was screaming and when they saw her with the other babies — they brought her in there and they were like, 'These are the strongest lungs we've heard on a baby in a while,'" Brown recalled. "I was like ... OK!"

Brown loves everything about his new role as a father, except when he has to be away from his wife and daughter.

"It's amazing to be a dad," Brown told SiriusXM's The Highway's Storme Warren. "I think the hardest thing is being on the road and trying to find ... not only are you trying to find family time with your baby and your wife, you also have family out there. Your band, and you know I've got Russell and Chris out, that I haven't really got a chance to hang out with or talk to, so it's finding time to hang out with them as well.

"Just hang out with their crew and get to know everybody, 'cause you never know; they could be touring with me two to three years down the road," he added. "Finding time is really the hardest thing right now."

Brown is scheduled to resume his Worldwide Beautiful Tour on March 19 in Ottawa, Ontario. Find tour dates by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Scott Dudelson