Kane Brown's Daughter Kingsley Can't Stop Laughing in New Video

Kane Brown's 1-year-old daughter Kingsley, like all toddlers, has an adorable laugh, which was recently put on display in a new Instagram video shared by her mom, Katelyn. On Monday, Katelyn posted a clip of Kingsley standing at the edge of a carpet, laughing as her dad threw a ball in front of himself and pretended to fall in order to catch it.

After three falls, the third of which prompted hysterical laughter from the 1-year-old, Katelyn tells her husband, "Do it one more time, it's too cute." He agreed and faked a fall again before giving the ball to Kingsley, who promptly threw it on the ground. "Nothing is funnier than daddy pretending to fall," Katelyn captioned the video.

Speaking to RADIO.com's Katie & Company, Brown revealed that his daughter is on the move. "She's actually starting to walk now," he said. "It's been fun to watch her." He added that he and Katelyn are "constantly following her everywhere. It's been fun though." He also shared that he thinks Kingsley takes after both him and Katelyn, though they aren't yet sure which parent's traits are more dominant.

"I don't think you can really tell right now," Brown said. "Plus, me and Kate both have a little attitude, so you can definitely see that's in her." While at home, Brown and his family have been "hanging out at the house, doing what everybody else is doing, being bored to death." The 27-year-old also shared that he has been working out, watching Cobra Kai, which he wife is "not into," and working on his new home.


"Really just been hanging out though, vacationing it up," he said, joking that he and Katelyn both "feel retired" and "bored out of our minds." Along with working out and working on his house, the "Worship You" singer has also found a new hobby in trolling his wife, which fans have seen on Instagram. In his most recent video, Brown asks Katelyn, who is sitting in the front seat of a car handing out Starbucks orders, how old she would be if she had been born 12 years ago.

"If it was 10 years ago I would be 18," the 28-year-old replied before realizing she was being set up. "I'm not gonna fall for another one of your stupid trick videos," she declared. After Brown asked her the question again, Katelyn told him, "I'd have to do the math," prompting the other occupants of the car to burst out laughing. "How old would you be?" Brown captioned the clip. "I love this woman so much."