Kacey Musgraves Reveals How 'Golden Hour' Was Influenced by Husband, Ruston Kelly

Kacey Musgraves' husband, singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly, might not have any co-writing credits on Musgraves' latest Golden Hour album, but his influence can be heard through all 13 songs on the record. Musgraves, who wed Kelly in October, says Kelly definitely had a big role in creating what became Golden Hour.

"We constantly bounce ideas off of each other all the time," Musgraves shared with PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "We're really like-minded in a lot of ways, but we also see things really oppositely sometimes, so it's a nice balance. And to have somebody that does what you do, and likes a lot of the same things you like, and is also very honest, it's nice to have. They're not gonna bullsh-- you in anyway. We always ask each other their opinions on things."

Musgraves, who said "the whole damn record is basically about him," says Golden Hour might have taken on an entirely different tone if she hadn't fallen in love with Kelly.

"There were some more sad songs, I think, that I wrote before this," recalled Musgraves. "But right about the time that I started writing for this record is when I met Ruston. So weirdly those two things kinda coincided. I was naturally just on the path to writing, and inspired to write what I was feeling. 'Space Cowboy' was important for me though, to include on the album, because I didn't want to just put out like 13 love songs. It's like 'We get it. You got married.' I did want to make a well-rounded look into where I have been since I last made music."

(Photo: Instagram/spaceykacey)

Musgraves became brutally honest with all of the songs on Golden Hour, making her both vulnerable and transparent than on her previous albums.

"There definitely is more of a pressure with baring parts of yourself that you haven't really shown," said Musgraves. "But I think it's really vital to make music that people want to connect with. I mean I can write songs all day long about small towns and where I came from, but I feel like I've done that, you know. And I love turns of phrase, I love wit, but I don't want to wear anybody out with those tricks, you know because I genuinely love those kinds of songs."

Musgraves will hit the road this summer to tour with Harry Styles. Dates can be found on her website. Download Golden Hour on iTunes.


Photo Credit: Instagram/rustonkelly