Kacey Musgraves Jokes About Keeping Dolly Parton Safe Amid Coronavirus Threats

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, Kacey Musgraves is providing a bit of levity to the situation. The singer tweeted to her almost 900,000 followers that the highest priority should be to make sure country music legend, Dolly Parton, is safe.

Fans were quick to reply to Musgraves' suggestion, sharing their own humorous responses as well.

"Rumor has it that she's hiding the vaccine in her hair but you didn't hear that from me," one person said.

"I've got my hands full wrapping Betty White in bubble wrap," said another.

"She's literally not allowed outside of her home for at least 6 months," said one fan.

Parton hasn't spoken out about the coronavirus, but she did speak out after Nashville's deadly tornado, which left at least 25 dead and hundreds more injured, damaging houses and buildings in Music City and beyond.

"Well I'm here on the job today, because as they say, the show must go on," Parton shared on social media. "But we had a lot of damage out in our area; I know a lot of Nashville was devastated with the storms. I just wanted all of you to know that we are all with you, and hope your family's OK, and your property's going to be able to get mended pretty soon, get your lives back on. I just wanted you to know you're being thought of, and we love you.

"Sorry that it all happened to all of us, but we're OK," she added. "To those that really lost family members, I'm sorry about that, and our prayers are with you. I just wanted to shout out and say, 'We're with you.'"

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Musgraves joined several other music celebrities, including Chris Young, Dan + Shay, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift and more in helping raise funds for the recovery efforts in middle Tennessee. Musgraves' hosted an auction of items from her own closet, which was originally planning to benefit Tennessee urban forest preservation, before deciding to give the proceeds towards needs following the tornado's devastation instead.

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