Kacey Musgraves Does a Shoey in Melbourne

After denying a crowd request to do a shoey at her concert in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, Kacey Musgraves participated in the Australian tradition in her own fashion during her show in Melbourne on Tuesday, May 14, drinking tequila out of a glass slipper.

A shoey usually involves drinking beer out of a boot, an unsanitary tradition that artists including Luke Bryan, Luke Combs and Post Malone have all participated in. During Tuesday's show, Musgraves put her own spin on the idea,

"I guess maybe in Sydney I wasn't really in the mood, but it's our last show in Australia, so I'll do one for you," she told the crowd, picking up a glass slipper that was helpfully filled with alcohol by one of her band members.

After drinking, she told the crowd, "So, basically, you're welcome," taking a dramatic bow to conclude the moment.

"take that, ya savages," Musgraves tweeted after the fact.

Her fans were in full support of the updated shoey, with some even jokingly calling for new merchandise.

The musician was originally asked to do a shoey during her May 12 concert in Sydney, with the crowd chanting for her to drink out of a shoe that was being held up by an audience member.

“That’s disgusting. I’m not f—ing drinking out of your shoe," Musgraves said. "You could have athlete’s foot or something.”

The crowd then told the Texas native to drink out of one of her bandmate's shoes, as the singer herself was wearing sandals, though she shot that suggestion down as well.

“I’d rather drink out of your shoe than any of their shoes,” she responded.


After wrapping up her Oh, What a World Tour's Australian leg, Musgraves will next head to New Zealand, Japan and China before returning the United States to continue the trek, which runs through October and also includes a March 2020 stop in Mexico City. The singer will also play a series of festivals in between tour dates.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @SarahDileo