Kacey Musgraves Defends Support of LGBTQ Community in Country Music

Kacey Musgraves has been a longtime supporter of her friends and fans in the LGBTQ community, which she says is an important aspect of country music. The Texas native, who included a picture of herself posing with contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race in her just-opened Kacey Musgraves: All of the Colors exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame, believes the genre should be very welcoming of everyone, including those in the LGBTQ community.

"Country music is built on real people, and real stories, and I don't know why a genre that is built on those things wouldn't move along with history," Musgraves told The Tennessean. "We have to tell everybody's story. We're all real people. We're all built and are driven by the same emotions. We all need the same things. It doesn't matter who we're into.

"There's a lot of people in the LGBTQ community that grow up in tiny towns just like I did, that are terrified to be themselves, and they need people in country music to look up to," she continued. "So I think it's very cool. If the institution of the Country Music Hall of Fame can say that it's OK, than nobody else can't."

Musgraves released her successful Golden Hour album in 2017 and reveals she is already working on new music, but she definitely isn't in a hurry.

"I feel like this album has had seven different lives so far. It came out over a year ago, and a lot of people are still discovering it," Musgraves acknowledged. "Sometimes you're creatively itching to get to the next thing. But I feel like I've been really enveloped in the way this feels, this chapter of my life. It's been really beautiful. And I'm excited for it to keep going a little bit longer."

Musgraves' Hall of Fame exhibit includes plenty of other memorabilia from the star, including awards, concert costumes, and even detention slips.

"There's just a lot of really wonderful memories I'm happy to share," Musgraves said at a reception in her honor. "Something that I try really hard to work at is being present in the moment. There's so many beautiful things happening all the time. I don't think that a human really knows how to do that, how to be good at [being present].

"I didn't think that it would make me super emotional," she tearfully continued. "It takes a lot for me to feel that way. To see everything laid out in a physical sense, in a timeline, it's really actually a really healthy and beautiful thing for me because because there's so much that you forget."


Musgraves will soon resume her Oh, What a World Tour. Find dates at KaceyMusgraves.com.

Photo Credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison