Justin Moore Takes a Break From His Music Career to Hunt for a Few Months

While Justin Moore is laser-focused on his music career, for a few months he gladly puts that aside every year to go hunting. The 35-year-old reveals he carves time out of his schedule each year to pursue his favorite hobby, with a few of his closest friends.

"I always aim to take off like right around Halloween and go through like the end of January," Moore said, via his record label. "It usually turns into like, mid-November through mid-January. So we get a good couple of months off and that's prime time hunting. I go with a group of guys, we go somewhere different every year, and so I book that –– right after I get off of one trip we book another one.

"So what we do is, I have four buddies of mine that we've been going every year for a handful of years and each year somebody different picks," he continued. "Last year I went to Texas. This year one of my buddies picked a place in Kansas. I've hunted Kansas before and [got a] big deer but it was the coldest I've ever been hunting. So I'm hoping that I'm in a blind and can bring my buddy heater because I love hunting but I don't like to be cold."

Moore, who grows out his beard every year just for hunting season, has a good reason to get back to work: his Late Nights and Longnecks Tour with his good friend, Tracy Lawrence.

"I'm so excited," Moore told PopCulture.com. "I've done so many tours that I've really enjoyed and have been proud of and proud to be a part of. But to go out with a guy who I admire so much and have looked up to for so long and am such a fan of to be quite honest with you, it's a huge honor for me, and I think it'll be a lot of fun for the fans. A lot of hit records between the two of us that you'll get to hear. We'll each do our own thing and then we're gonna come out and do a lot of stuff together which I think will be neat for the fans."

Moore still can't quite believe that the tour he dreamed about for so many years is finally coming to fruition.

"Especially being an Arkansas guy, 'cause he's another Arkansas guy," Moore said. "He was huge in country music, and still is but if you grew up in Arkansas ... I told him this, I think I kind of embarrassed him going, 'Man, you're like Elvis Presley in Arkansas, you know?' So it's exciting for me no doubt about it. And again, just a huge huge honor."


The Late Nights and Longnecks Tour kicks off on Jan. 17. Find dates by visiting Moore's website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Paul Morigi